Cinetype offers dubbing for cinema, television and DVD. Our distinctive characteristic is our creative approach to translation. Cinetype's quality team of translators, proofreaders, directors and story editors work with first-rate professional actors, but at Cinetype we also offer opportunities to new voices and talents.

Film projects are recorded mainly in Ivory Studio and audio books, TV projects and spots are produced in the Cinetype Studio. Both studios are centrally located in the same building. Cinetype currently provides dubbing in two languages: Slovak and Ukrainian.  Sound mixing originates from Soundsquare   Studios, (Prague) Technicolor Anvil, Pinewood and Shepperton Studios, (London) and Technicolor Studio, (Rome.)

Audio books

Cinetype offers an array of services to professional authors and novice writers who wish to adapt their works into audio books. Each audio book we produce is carefully edited, but otherwise untouched as we respect the author's original work. Cinetype's mandate is to enrich the author's work, by offering it to the public in a new format.

Cinetype's newest enterprise is the recording of audio books. Working in cooperation with the Czech publishing house Typanum, Cinetype began producing audio books in 2009. In the same year we managed to release our first three projects: Pinocchiove Dobrodruzstva (The Adventures of Pinocchio) read by Boris Farkas, Kniha o cintorine (Samko Tale'S Cemetery Book) read by Dubos Kostelny and Pastoral Letter read by its author Michal Hvorecky.


Cinetype provides translation and editing for cinema, DVD and BluRay. Our general partner is Continental Film, the major Slovak film distributor. Cinetype's other partner companies include Warner Bros., LS Production and Filmprint.  To date, there are close to 40 subtitled films in Cinetype's portfolio.