Cinetype was founded in 2002 by Marlin s.r.o and Continental Film s.r.o., a company providing professional subtitling for cinema and television since 1996. Continental later founded the CineMax Cinema Network and left the partnership, but CINETYPE and Continental continue an ongoing and healthy business relationship.



Cinema dubbing is a significant segment of Cinetype's overall business plan. The quality of our work is guaranteed by the company director and dubbing supervisor Eva Fifikova. Eva has worked in the industry since 1994. Among her first dubbing projects were Disney's animated classics, Pocahontas, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Tarzan, Hercules and Toy Story. Eva acquired her business experience and knowledge working with a prominent name in the dubbing industry, Blake Todd from the United States. Eva, working together with dubbing supervisors Andrea Haber (HU), Mariusz Jaworowski (PL), Ray Gillon (UK), Joddy Toll (USA), Malcom Luker (AUS) and many others has created exceptional portfolio of some of the most widely viewed (dubbed) films in Slovakia.

From Translation, text editing and the selection of unique and talented actors and directors, Cinetype puts a special emphasis on quality and reliability in all phases of production.


In 2006 Cinetype expanded its business horizon to include Ukraine, were it produces dubbing in Ukrainian language for Warner Bros., Studios. Since Cinetype's inception 10 years ago it has become an internationally acclaimed and recognized name in the industry.

Many films have passed through Cinetype's studio and many popular actors gained their first voice-over experience with Cinetype. Notable Slovak stars such as Lubos Kostelny, Tomas Mastalir, Jan Kolenik, and Daniel Fischer as well renowned directors Robert Hornak, Tana Tadlankova, Stefan Korenci and Michal Domonkos are among the talents who bring our work to life.




Cinetype provides comprehensive and expert dubbing for cinema, television and DVD's. CINETYPE's distinctive feature is our creative and unique approach to translations. Our experienced team of translators, proofreaders, directors and story editors work with first-rate talent, but we also encourage and offer opportunities to new voices and up and coming artists.

Audio books

Cinetype offers an array of services to professional authors and novice writers who wish to adapt their works into audio books. Each audio book we produce is carefully edited, but otherwise untouched as we respect the author's original work. Cinetype's mandate is to enrich the author's work, by offering it to the public in a new format.


CINETYPE provides translation and editing for cinema, DVD and BluRay. Our general partner is Continental Film, the major Slovak film distributor. CINETYPE's other partner companies include Warner Bros., LS Production and Filmprint.  To date, there are close to 40 subtitled films in CINETYPE's portfolio.