About Banda

BANDA came into existence in November 1992 in a small basement in the housing estate of Petrzalka after a local amateur radio station that had been broadcasting from there ceased to exist and left its equipment behind. The inhabitants of four surrounding blocks had the opportunity to watch pirate news delivered by BANDA every night for six months. When the authorities confiscated the pirate studio, many complaints of local inhabitants were delivered to the police headquarters. The people wanted BANDA's transmission back.


That was the time when we were helping to dig trenches across Slovakia to speed up digitalization. Without it, we couldn't keep on doing what we are best at - "Image and sound that shake the ground."


2006 was a breakthrough year for BANDA. We discovered endless possibilities and we couldn't keep the secret to ourselves anymore. The beautiful feeling of secrecy was replaced by the great feeling of selling frames dirt cheap.

2009. Our competition accuses us of digital technology abuse, but they do it out of envy. We are passionate about internet videos, but allergic to bad quality. And our projects reflect what we like. Because we know that things can only work this way.