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If you want to be seen and heard, contact us. CINETYPE provides professional film dubbing production and sound recording for a variety of media. Quality, performance, execution of contracts and meeting deadlines is our number one priority.

CINETYPE represents an open-platform that enables the realization of both commercial and non-commercial projects. We excel at making maximum use of our extensive experience and of the professional background of our dedicated staff and external collaborators. Thanks to a long working relationship with our American partners, many CINETYPE projects can be seen in cinemas or on DVD. SHREK, HARRY POTTER, ICE AGE, MADAGASCAR and many other films have passed through our studio - CINETYPE provides their translation, sound recording and audio mixing. If you look at the history of "modern" Slovak dubbing, 9 out of 10 of the most viewed movies were produced by CINETYPE. Since 1994, more than 6.5 million viewers have enjoyed films, DVD's and television programs that have passed through our studio.

Details of current projects can be found on our blog or in our portfolio section.




Cinetype provides comprehensive and expert dubbing for cinema, television and DVD's. CINETYPE's distinctive feature is our creative and unique approach to translations. Our experienced team of translators, proofreaders, directors and story editors work with first-rate talent, but we also encourage and offer opportunities to new voices and up and coming artists.

Audio books

Cinetype offers an array of services to professional authors and novice writers who wish to adapt their works into audio books. Each audio book we produce is carefully edited, but otherwise untouched as we respect the author's original work. Cinetype's mandate is to enrich the author's work, by offering it to the public in a new format.


CINETYPE provides translation and editing for cinema, DVD and BluRay. Our general partner is Continental Film, the major Slovak film distributor. CINETYPE's other partner companies include Warner Bros., LS Production and Filmprint.  To date, there are close to 40 subtitled films in CINETYPE's portfolio.